Access Control System

The QK9 “professional security” offices monitor and manage the entry and exit of people and goods into and out of the clients’ facilities. The following sites can be used for access control: Residential estates and golf courses Parks for Industry and Offices Warehouses and manufacturing plants Hospitals and government buildings Hotels Business establishments. QK9 “professional security” access control systems range from a simple keypad to magnetic card readers, proximity devices, and multi-door PC-based systems that provide complete control and monitoring of sensitive areas of your business. QK9 “professional security” has extensive knowledge in the field of access control and can recommend a suitable solution from among the numerous options available.

QK9 “professional security” has the equipment to meet your needs, whether it’s preventing unwanted visitors from passing through the reception area undetected or restricting access to specific regions within a building. Push-button, keypad-coded, swipe-card, or electronic-fob-operated access systems can be scaled from single installations to large-scale building systems. QK9 “professional security” provides multiple access control options, including card access systems, proximity readers, biometric systems and PC based systems. Card Access Systems claim that anybody with access to a specific area carries a swipe or proximity card that is presented to a reader’s head. Swipe cards, as the name implies, allow the user to get access by swiping the card through the reader’s head. For increased protection, some swipe systems include number keypads. In contrast, proximity readers just require the user to wave a tag or token in front of the scanner. This technology works similarly to those used in many stores to detect stealing. Because proximity systems have no moving parts or slots that may be tampered with, they are the best option for protecting external doors. They are extremely vandal-resistant, and in many situations, the reader can be positioned within the protected area, providing an even higher level of physical security. In Biometric Systems QK9 “professional security” works by recognising the user’s characteristics, such as voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, or retinal scan. In a PC-based system, PC-based solutions provide the operator with a comprehensive view of the premises’ security. They can combine any of the above devices and media formats into a single, easy-to-manage system, as well as print reports on who has access and who has entered a certain area. Access to specific regions might be provided based on security level or simply for a set amount of time. In the event of a fire or other emergency, an override facility can be set to automatically unlock all doors to protect the residents’ safety. Whatever your needs are, QK9 “professional security” will develop and install a system that will give you the finest possible solution.

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