ANPR & Car Parks

QK9 “professional security” provides innovative automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems at no additional cost to keep your car park secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand the importance of increasing the profitability, efficiency, and convenience of car parking at both private and public sector locations. Our ANPR system is designed to help you maximise available space, increase parking or in-store income, and improve customer happiness while collecting useful data on customer and employee parking behaviours to assist you to improve car park functioning and flow. Without the need for human involvement, QK9 “professional security” ANPR parking management systems provide a record of very accurate vehicle number plate readings.
QK9 “professional security” guard can retain information on any car or vehicle that passes through your car park using a unique high-speed image capturing technology that supports night-time illumination and character detection within the delivered image. You can ensure that your private car park laws are implemented around the clock by eliminating the risk of human error. Vehicle owners will be forced to submit their registration number into a ticketing machine after entering the parking lot to authenticate their entrance. Some parking lots will need payment or authorization confirmation (referred to as a permit) via a smartphone app or on-site tablet. ANPR cameras function in conjunction with parking fines or permits to ensure that vehicles do not park illegally or for longer than their authorised period.

QK9 “professional security” patrol can provide a complete range of security services. Security Risk Management is a service provided by QK9 “professional security” that allows us to detect, evaluate, and analyse the security risks associated with a business or project. Whether you need a security management company to look after the parking facilities at your place of business or you operate a multi-story parking garage, a QK9 sia security guard can help. There are a variety of alternatives available to help ensure the safety of your park, ranging from on-site security guards to establishing a CCTV system. From access control barriers and alarm systems to number plate recognition, a variety of deterrents can dissuade thieves from stealing or breaking into cars. Technology has come a long way in providing safe places to store cars in congested city centres, workplaces, and even private parking lots.
When you leave your car in a parking spot, you want to know that it will be safe, and the same should be true for your employees and visitors. This is where closed-circuit television (CCTV) comes in. You may create the best secure automobile experience for your customers by installing security cameras in obvious locations and monitoring the footage. QK9 sia security guard can watch what happens in your facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using CCTV Monitoring.

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