Close Protection

QK9 close protection security employs professional, close protection-trained personnel that are familiar with the local area and attentive to commercial settings. They accompany executives and blend into the background, allowing the client to focus on their business while knowing that all of their safety and needs are being taken care of. Operatives can travel ahead of an executive to meet at airports and make all necessary arrangements once they get to their location. Other responsibilities of QK9 close protection security include counter surveillance, physical security (inspecting hotels, apartments & businesses) and crisis management and evacuation if needed.
QK9 close protection security officers (CPSOs) are highly dedicated personnel who are trained to defend clients (referred to as principals) from purposeful attack, accidents, or unwelcome attention. Their responsibilities include defending the principal from physical violence threats, Checking the premises before the principal arrives, installing surveillance equipment, Accompanying the principal on business and social travels and driving the principal to and from venues.

Royalty, foreign dignitaries, politicians, high-profile business persons, legal professionals, and celebrities are among the clients of QK9 CPSOs. Residential security and ensuring the safety of the principal’s property are examples of specialist responsibilities. Providing 24-hour security is rarely a weekday 9-to-5 job. It may entail early mornings, extensive travel, possibly abroad, and late nights. QK9 CPSOs have all received defensive and evasive driving training.

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