Construction & Building site

For construction sites across the UK, QK9 “SIA security guard” can provide full construction and development security solutions. QK9 “SIA security guard” provides solutions that include on-site manned guards, CCTV and alarm system monitoring, and the implementation of our guard patrol monitoring system. For your security needs, our SIA-licensed construction security guards provide fully integrated guarding and surveillance services. Criminals may target construction sites to steal machinery or tools or vandalise sites that are nearing completion or handover. We encourage our clients to lock up any machinery and tools at night and to report any problem areas on the job site to us. Many of our clients have complimented us on our ability to deal with Traveller and Homeless concerns, as well as the issues that might arise from vacant building sites. Our guards enforce strict access control and ensure that no uninvited guests or personnel enter the premises. QK9 “SIA security guard” can provide you with peace of mind throughout the construction process, from foundation to completion.

QK9 “SIA security guard” offer their services for the following sites: Retail Fit-Outs, Demolition Sites & New Builds, New Housing Developments, Office Restructuring, Museum Redevelopments, Warehouse Constructions, Show Rooms and Hotel Refurbishments with Manned Guards, Fire Marshals, Traffic Marshals, Mobile Patrol, Dog Units & Handlers, Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems, Access control, Electronic Tag touchpoints, and Secure Key Holding for your site.
QK9 “SIA security guard” is an ISO approved security guarding contractor, and we use this quality management system on all of our sites. Our construction security guards will receive comprehensive site training and will be equipped with the tools necessary to perform quality assurance while on the job. Through our daily occurrence record sheet, QK9 “SIA security guard” aim to keep the customer informed about any security issues that arise while the guard is on site. Our construction security guards are trained to report significant situations to the control centre, which can then contact emergency services or the site manager if necessary. We value two-way communication and will return to the site frequently to ensure the guard is doing their job. We are accessible to answer all of your queries by phone or email.

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