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Dog Handlers:

Everyone is free to choose any profession based on their interests. Likewise, there are some people who are more affectionate toward dogs. Therefore, dog handling is one of the best jobs for them. In this way, they spend most of their time working with dogs. On the other hand, dog handling plays a significant role in security services by collaborating with police or law enforcement agencies. Therefore, people can pursue a fascinating career in dog handling. The performance of a working dog is highly influenced by its handler. Therefore, dog handlers have a number of responsibilities on the field to safeguard sensitive areas. This is one of the reasons they are considered highly respectable all over the UK.

If you are looking forward to pursuing your career as a dog handler in the UK, QK9 Services Limited provides the best platform. We offer the best dog handling opportunities in the UK in general, but Manchester, London, Blackburn, and Leeds in particular. 

What Does a Dog Handler Do?

Dog handlers have the greatest importance due to their roles on the field. They go through special training that enables them to work with highly trained working dogs. Dog handling is not an easy job. They monitor the overall behavior of the dogs. Sometimes the working dogs become aggressive, therefore handlers need to be more cautious while handling them. Moreover, they also ensure that their dogs pose no threat to the public. Their horizon is much bigger, and they work in every department for security purposes. The following are the primary responsibilities of a dog handler:

  • To train dogs for particular tasks
  • The overall health of the dog, including physical and medical care 
  • Socialize them to maintain public safety
  • Patrolling around to provide security support
  • Assist security forces during investigations

Dog Handlers Requirements

1. Skills and Qualifications

Firstly, A person must be skilled and dedicated to excel in the role of a dog handler. He must inculcate good communication skills before starting his job. He must be aware of how to coordinate with security companies and control operations. A deep understanding of a dog’s behavior is also paramount in its handling. Moreover, he must be aware of different dog breeds and their sizes. This helps him to train his dog more effectively. He has to be knowledgeable about the laws and regulations prevalent in the country. Therefore, he helps the security forces in combating all illegal and criminal activities. He can only ensure public safety and security when he is dedicated and loveable toward dogs. 

2. Training and Certification

Secondly, you must go through special training to understand the complexities of a dog handler. There are a number of organizations that offer different courses related to dog handling. Such organizations give certificates that enhance the professional credibility of handlers. In this way, they learn how to build a deep understanding of dogs. Moreover, they become able to treat and interpret even their subtle behavior.

3: Working Conditions and Challenges

The working environment is one of the biggest challenges for dog handlers.  Sometimes they go through very stressful situations by working odd hours in far-off places. Therefore, it is essential for them to prepare mentally and physically to tackle such situations. However, some people make it an easier option by making a strong relationship with their canines.  

Salary and Benefits

Dog handlers enjoy a decent earning that is based on their experience and professional credentials. Their average ruminations greatly. However, hourly rates increase as per their skills. They can earn £12 per hour in the United Kingdom. Therefore, they earn a large sum of money in dog handling. Their minimum earning reaches £24,000 per month, which is a huge amount of money for a person living in the UK.

Responsibilities of a Dog Handler

Police dog handlers have diverse job responsibilities depending on their work sector. Some common duties include:

  • Train dogs to perform particular work
  • Assists police in searches and seizure
  • Actively respond to all the illicit activities that endanger public safety.
  • Maintain records of incidents accurately
  • Safeguards public gatherings and events

Job Opportunities in London UK

London is the capital of the United Kingdom, which is the favorite place for visitors. Due to the presence of visitors, they demand more security. Therefore, there is an abundance of opportunities for security businesses. However, dog handlers have more responsibilities while guarding in London. They need to be more vigilant on-site while patrolling to ensure safety measures. 

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Job Opportunities in Manchester, Blackburn, Leeds UK

There are a number of opportunities for dog handlers all over the UK. taming them QK9 based in Blackburn, provides excellent opportunities for those who want to pursue their career in dog handling. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled security services.

Qk9 always collaborates with their handlers to understand their specific requirements. Therefore, with the help of active professionals, we ensure the safety of people by combating all illicit activities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What qualifications and experience do I need to become a dog handler?

A:  There is no particular degree that is required to become a dog handler. However, there are multiple certified courses conducted by different organizations which enhances their professional attitude. This helps them build a deep understanding with their dogs to safeguard public gatherings. 

Q: Are there age restrictions for it?

A:  Job handling is not restricted to a specific age group in general, but this highly depends on experience and skills.  However, 18 years is the requirement for general occupation.

Q: Is being a dog handler a dangerous job?

A: Dog handling is not a difficult job, but smart work. Sometimes they move to remote areas where they survive without facilities. This becomes stressful for them. That’s why you must be prepared for any uncertain situation.

Q: Are there career advancement opportunities for dog handlers?

A: Yes, they can progress in their roles with the passage of time. There is high-level security training that enhances their worth and professional skills. The more you gain experience, the more your worth will be.


To sum up, Dog handlers have numerous opportunities across the UK. They can excel in their career by getting proper training and certification. They play a significant role in maintaining security by monitoring the overall behavior of the trained canines. Therefore, QK9 Services Limited based in Manchester, London, Blackburn, and Leeds, is one of the leading companies that provide excellent opportunities for dog handlers. We are the best provider of security services.

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