Dog Handlers

Most people think ‘Dog Patrol’ means putting a couple of dogs on your property at night and picking them up the next morning; this is not the case. QK9 “sia dog handler” can supply you with a competent dog handler as well as fully trained guard dogs to form a professional security squad. The success of our patrol dog handlers is based on the premise that we must take the time to teach each handler to a certain standard. Our developed and proven curriculum is packed with non-stop training opportunities: QK9 Record-Keeping, Kennel Maintenance, Grooming, First Aid, Maintenance Training Techniques, Decoy training, and Practical Deployment training where downtime is minimized and training is maximized.

By industry standards, QK9 “sia dog handler” courses are unrivalled. Each course includes theory, practical exercises, and field testing in the classroom and in the field to ensure that the QK9 team is “road-ready” at the end of their training. We put a team through its paces in training so they don’t make the same mistakes on the road. Rather than avoiding problems in training, we try to find them. The hours can be long and changeable, including weekends, evenings, and nights, but we provide all services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We tailor your security system to match all of your needs, which are agreed upon before.

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