Explosive Detection Dogs

At QK9 “canine security” ‘Explosive detection dog’s services are offered to allow for unobtrusive mass screening of crowds for body-worn/carried explosives, as well as the ability to perform searches in the role of a traditional Explosive Detection Canine. The EDC provides for cost-effective, efficient, unobtrusive screening capability for protection against some of the largest global and domestic terrorist threats we face today. At QK9 “canine security” canines are capable of screening massive crowds due to our patented technology and training protocols. Unlike the typical explosive detection canine, canines do not see people as a productive search area, which allows for continued freedom of movement while the canine searches for odours in the heat plumes that omit from a person while passing through an area. This means QK9 “canine security” teams search large areas, not just one static object.

QK9 “canine security” also provides explosive detection dogs including Spaniels and Labradors. These are both highly intelligent and trainable breeds, making them suitable for such an important and sensitive line of work. One thing you’ll notice about them is that, despite being in such frenetic, high-pressure situations, they remain calm and receptive to their handler. These explosive detection dogs will be available in high-risk areas where large crowds of people are present, such as airports, train stations, and events. All sniffer dogs at QK9 “canine security” receive specialised training on the various substances that make up explosives. As a security company, we taught our canines to recognise 12 fundamental odours, allowing them to detect explosive devices. If the dog detects the odour, it will give a passive indication to its handler, such as sitting still or lying down. Our detection canines receive ongoing training to ensure that their results are of the greatest quality, while also working quietly so that the public is not intimidated by their presence.

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