Farm Land Security

The location is one of the most pressing problems for farm owners. You’re probably wondering how you’ll keep an eye on your farm if you don’t live there. Whether you reside on-site or off, it’s critical to have a dependable crew in place to defend your property. QK9 Protection is unrivalled in its ability to provide top-tier security solutions to safeguard your farmlands.
Not just for the profitability of their individual or family businesses, but also to maintain the food supply, the agriculture industry must keep lands safe. Implementing security systems can help you keep a closer eye on your farming while also allowing you to relax. Large machinery, cattle, minor tools, crops and food, pesticides, and herbicides are among the most commonly stolen items from farms. Protecting your hard-earned capital is critical to your farm business’s long-term success. When CCTV alone isn’t a practical solution, QK9 “SIA Security Guard” can provide a range of options to keep farms secure. Our Farm Watch programme is a terrific way to engage the local rural community while also saving money on protection for your house or remote company.
For your rural security needs, QK9 “SIA Security Guard” provide a variety of options, including Teams of dog handlers who remain stationary, Dog patrols on the move and Intruders who are dealt with quickly. A highly trained mobile response canine unit may police a neighbourhood’s many farming holdings. These mobile patrols will occur in a random order, making it impossible for opportunist intruders to discern a trend or predict when our security personnel will arrive. Because of the sheer vastness and remoteness of such sites, a canine’s added skills and capabilities, combined with their trained handlers, are frequently the only viable option.
QK9 “SIA Security Guard” has worked on several renewable energy farms and can provide advice on potential hotspots (the most easily accessible entry locations) and how to keep perimeters secure. Along with the required signage, would-be invaders generally avoid a site entirely when they learn it is guarded by dog handling units, so the presence of our mobile patrols is also a significant deterrent. QK9 “SIA Security Guard” can respond promptly if you are concerned that someone may be on your land or property, in addition to conducting regular, though random, patrols on your premises. Whether you want to protect your cattle and machinery, or if you want intruders and trespassers to leave the area, please contact us and we will dispatch someone to you as soon as possible.

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