Farm Security

When CCTV alone isn’t a practical solution, QK9 “farm watch service” can provide a range of options to keep farms secure. At QK9 “farm watch service” watch programme is a terrific way to engage the local rural community while also saving money on protection for your house or remote company. When you’re a landowner, a farmer, or in charge of an estate, it can be difficult to keep huge territories secure and safe, especially when they’re spread out over many miles. Constant security threats, thefts, property damage, and vandalism can waste a lot of time and often render you inoperable since necessary repairs and maintenance must be completed before work can resume. QK9 “farm watch service” can provide you with cost-effective security solutions for large and small farms across the United Kingdom, Ireland, and portions of Europe.

For your rural security needs, QK9 “farm watch service” provides a variety of options, including Static dog handling teams, Mobile dog patrols and Rapid response to the intrusion. A highly trained mobile response canine unit may police a neighbourhood’s many farming holdings. These mobile patrols will occur in a random order, making it impossible for opportunist intruders to discern a trend or predict when our security personnel will arrive. Because of the sheer vastness and remoteness of such sites, a canine’s added skills and capabilities, combined with their trained handlers, are frequently the only viable option. QK9 “farm watch service” has worked on several renewable energy farms and can advise you on potential hotspots (the easiest entry locations) and how to avoid them.

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    Every farm, estate, or smallholding will face recurring difficulties that will necessitate security designed specifically to address them. The QK9 “farm watch service” team can come to you and perform a comprehensive security risk assessment of those problem areas, as well as look at our detection technologies and how to integrate and upgrade them with your current security. We can give detection security in the form of the effective smart fence and perimeter systems that will only activate under specific conditions, reducing the false positives that laser and PIR sensors frequently cause. CCTV will not identify or alert to threats on its own, but it can be useful for recording and providing proof. It’s frequently preferable to have systems in place, such as seismic detectors, fence or gate mounted sensors, and perimeter security, that can send out notifications before an intrusion or theft occurs.