Firearm’s Detection Dogs

QK9 “canine security” is a steady provider of top-notch security services including ‘Firearms dogs’. Our sniffer dogs are frequently utilised to great effect in a variety of industries and are available for hire at reasonable rates. Firearms dogs play a vital role in keeping our country safe from violent attacks. For the detection of body-worn/carried guns and incendiary devices, QK9 “canine security” proudly boasts the highest industry standard of performance. Our Firearms Detection Canines are built using tried-and-true training methods and techniques based on our QK9 detection technology.

Whether the weapon is worn or carried, our WDC can identify concealed guns in huge groups. QK9 “canine security” is trained to track odours while moving through an area at a typical pace. This allows sports venues, amusement parks, mass transit systems, and other sites with huge people to add an extra layer of security and reduce the chance of becoming a soft target at a lower cost than conventional metal detection technology, while not causing traffic congestion. Our firearms dog teams have been professionally trained and are ready to help save lives in real-life situations. Before providing you with a quote, we conduct a thorough assessment of your request so that our security experts and dog handlers can advise you on how to get the most out of our services.

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