How to Safe your Parameter While K-9 Is Onsite

K-9 Units are responsible for patrolling, guarding and sniffing for drugs. They are an important part of security.

K-9 units can be used to patrol the perimeter of a site or building, check cars at the gate or sniff out drugs in the warehouse. Law enforcement agencies and private security companies to detect narcotics, explosives, firearms and currency use K-9 units. The dog’s sense of smell is 10 times more sensitive than that of a human being, which means they can detect substances that would be impossible for us to find.

Canine units have been found on every continent except Antarctica because they provide a valuable service when it comes to security. The most common way you can use a K-9 Unit is to patrol your commercial property and check for intruders. As well as to just keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in the area.

There are many individuals across the nation who do not understand why K-9 units are necessary, but these individuals lack knowledge of the real world and what can happen when we do not have these guards patrolling our properties.

It is important that you pay close attention to how often your security company should be entering your space on patrol ‌— if they should enter once a week, or if they should be entering more often ‌— in order to provide maximum protection and security.

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