Illegal Tobacco Detection

QK9 “canine security” as security providers provides the service of ‘Detection of Illegal Tobacco’ in which they deployed their search teams to negate the threat of an illegal tobacco transferring. Our tobacco detection dogs are trained to sense tobacco using stockpiles from seizures around the country. The trained dogs can detect illegal tobacco with outstanding accuracy and from a distance of up to fifteen metres. QK9 “canine security” is a company that provides trained detection dogs to aid in the fight against the illegal cigarette trade. Entry point inspections, car sweeps, and building searches can all be done as often as needed using Qk9’s illegal tobacco detection services, giving you and your employees the peace of mind, they need to go about their daily tasks without fear. When it comes to smelling out illegal cigarettes, no technology is more finely tuned than a dog’s nose, no matter how smart it becomes. At QK9 “canine security” tobacco detection dog teams are specially trained to identify the aroma of tobacco, making them a valuable asset in the fight against the illegal tobacco trade in the United Kingdom.

Tobacco trafficking is one of the crimes for which these attractive, clever creatures have been educated. Illicit tobacco does not comply with taxation and labelling regulations, decreasing the effectiveness of the UK government’s health goals aimed at relieving pressure on the NHS. It also hurts the economy by driving away businesses from licensed tobacco sellers who pay duty on their products. Both counterfeit and genuine tobacco and cigarettes can be detected by QK9 illegal tobacco detective dogs. Our canines are trained on tobacco confiscated during operational activities across the United Kingdom. Our tobacco detection dog teams have assisted HM Revenue & Customs, NHS Trusts, the Police, and Trading Standards in discovering counterfeit and illegal tobacco items, as well as detecting tobacco trafficked into hospitals and clinics.

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