Intruder Alarms

A wireless alarm system is a sure approach to secure an assignment in today’s age of modern technology. If your site/property does not require a permanent static guard, a security system with a QK9 “professional security” response team will ensure that your site’s security is not jeopardised. These intruder detection alarms are the most advanced on the market while remaining quite affordable. Because the technology is wireless, it is both less expensive to install and more versatile, as you may move it from one location to another as needed. It’s easier to install than traditional ‘wired in’ systems, but it’s just as efficient at preventing crime and triggering the alarm if an intruder enters or a fire breaks out. All of this is supported by QK9 “professional security” 24-hour control centre, which constantly monitors the systems for activity. A fully trained mobile response crew is dispatched when an alarm is triggered. The dog squad will conduct a full perimeter search upon arrival, and if a dog picks up on the scent of an intruder, there will be nowhere to hide. The alarm system can be installed in a variety of locations, including homes, building sites, vacant properties, shops, warehouses, rail networks, offices, schools, transport yards, hospitals and more.

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