Monitoring & Maintenance

Your home security system, like a car, need maintenance. QK9 “SIA security guards” are not only responsible for delivering security services, but also for monitoring and maintaining them. QK9 “SIA security guard” will determine whether or not your home security system is functioning properly. This is critical for QK9 to ensure that your family is completely safe, not just from theft but also from a malfunctioning or unmaintained security system. All QK9 security services, including CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, fire alarms, warden call alarms, video systems are recording properly and their access control system are monitored and maintained. QK9 “SIA security guard” ensures that your system is working properly by monitoring and maintaining its security services. Reduce the chances of a false alarm. Can help you save money on your security system’s overall operating costs. In most cases, system maintenance can be performed within a few hours and at flexible appointment times.

Corrective and preventative maintenance services are provided by QK9 “SIA security guard”. Corrective Maintenance entails identifying and resolving issues that prevent some or all of your system from functioning properly, such as a broken wire, a damaged door contact, or intermittent video on the monitor, whereas Preventative Maintenance focuses on improving system performance and reliability. Our technical staff at QK9 “Professional Security” can assist with the development of training and testing methods to ensure optimal system performance and dependability.

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