Necessary equipment for the Dog Handler Unit

A patrol dog must be equipped with a particular set of supplies when they are out on the field.

This section is all about the equipment necessary for a dog unit to succeed in its job. The equipment listed is vital for officers to carry when they have their patrolling sites. The first item is essential because the officer cannot transport their dog back and forth from the site without it. It is crucial because it keeps the animal safe and secure as they wait inside of it while they wait for their human partner to return from their patrol site. The second item is necessary because it provides food and fresh water for the animal, which otherwise would not survive an entire day at work if this was not provided to them. The Dog Unit is an animal handler, and their dog patrols a site to protect it from intruders and find lost people. They also deal with any other dogs found on the property.

To be prepared for any situation, the Dog Unit should carry items like jumper cables, tools for vehicle breakdowns, a first-aid kit with dog-specific items and plenty of food in case they have to stay at the site overnight. A dog unit is a type of patrol team that uses dogs to detect and apprehend criminals. The essential equipment to carry along with the Dog Unit when on patrolling site are Dog Cage, Dog Food, Fresh Water, Spare Tire, Dog Medical Kit, First aid kit, Car tools kit and Human Food.

The Patrol team needs to ensure that they have a supply of spare tires in case the car blows out or gets a flat tire. They also need to carry a variety of car tools in case they need to fix any problems that may arise while on patrol.

The key to being a successful dog handler is the equipment and the care for your dog. Dog handlers must be prepared for anything when they go out on patrol or on construction sites. They need to know how to handle emergencies like vehicle breakdowns, power outages, and snowstorms. For that, they need necessary equipment, which includes:

  • Dog Cage: Used to bring the dog with them in their patrol car.
  • Dog food: It is used to feed the dog. The type of food depends on the type of the dog; some need dry food while others prefer wet meals.
  • Fresh Water: During long patrol missions, fresh water is necessary, or it can lead to dehydration of both animal and handler.
  • Spare Tire: It is necessary to have some spare tire in case something happens with your current tire and you have no other choice but to change it yourself on site.
  • Dog-Medical Kit: Used for treating different types of injuries in dogs – from scrapes and scratches, wounds from other animal attacks etc…
  • First aid kit with items to help humans (aspirin, plasters, antiseptic wipes)
  • Car tool kit with tools that might be needed on patrol (screwdrivers, wrench) and some human food and car oil.

The equipment for the dog handler unit can vary depending on where they are working. For example, if they are patrolling a construction site, they will need a security vest and all the necessary tools to take care of their dog. If they are doing security work in a car, they might not need all that equipment.

There is a standard list of equipment the handler should carry with them at all times:

  • A leash
  • A food bowl
  • Dog food
  • A water bowl
  • A chew toy
  • Treats or biscuits

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