Patrol Dogs

As a global QK9 “patrol dogs in the UK” offer inclusive, trustworthy, and certified ‘Patrol Dog’ services. QK9 “patrol dogs in the UK” has built the patrol dog in line with the standards to be met or exceed all national and international standards. We recognize that reliability in these services is crucial, if not people and assets suffer. For patrol dog handling our handlers acquire prior law enforcement or military experience and each are trained and certified. Our operational patrol dogs are extremely proud of us. They are extraordinarily well-trained and provide superior protection to people and property around the United Kingdom.

Every month, both handlers and dogs go through CT training to ensure that both the handler and the dog are performing at their best. QK9 “patrol dogs in the UK” are trained or conditioned to attack or otherwise respond aggressively, but only upon command from a handler. QK9 “patrol dogs in the UK” are prepared and talented in offering these types of assistance including tracking and handler protection, criminal apprehension, searching for drugs and explosives, locating missing people, finding crime scene evidence, attacking people targeted by the police and building search. We are passionate about the amazing work these dogs do for families all over the UK. Patrol dogs are trained to the highest standard and can perform the tasks laid out above with incredible efficiency. We believe real-world experience cannot be duplicated. This provides our clients with the highest quality and reliable teams with the utmost control.

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