Private, Personal & VIP Security

QK9 professional security services,” providers think you and your loved ones have the right to safety, we supply the greatest personal protection as well private and VIP security with our trained dogs & security guards. Private, personal, or VIP protection refers to providing personal protection services to high-profile clients and their families to ensure their peace of mind, safety, and security. People can be classified as VIPs if they hold a high governmental or business position, are celebrities or are otherwise well-known or high-profile. VIPs are vulnerable to personal assault, kidnapping, and terrorist attacks because of who they are or who they are believed to be.

To provide security to personnel, VIPs and private ones our protection dogs, unlike other methods of home defence (such as weapons, security systems, video cameras, or local police departments), are always attentive, always on call, and always ready to eliminate any threat. Our protection dogs have all had intensive training, including obedience training, to ensure that they are the best protection dogs for you and your family. They learn proper etiquette for being in your home, yard, and public places. We take pleasure in having the highest-quality, professionally trained canines for protection and family.

At QK9 “professional security services” executive protection dog, personal protection dog, and family protection dog are titles that describe your lifestyle, not what our dogs can perform. QK9 canines are prepared for any situation that may arise as a result of your lifestyle.

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    Our undercover agents also provide outstanding protection without intruding on a VIP’s activities, and QK9 offers a discreet bodyguard service. These ‘plainclothes spies have an excellent ability to blend in. When a VIP customer requires a strong and conspicuous security presence, we may supply bodyguards in more commanding wardress uniforms. These agents can work alongside our discreet guards to secure event perimeters, divert attention away from clients, and offer attendees a point of contact to report suspicious conduct. We also provide an armed automobile service since we understand that our clients are most exposed while in travel or when a rapid escape is required.

    QK9 “professional security services” can manage long-term contracts as well as one-time deployments for specific duties or scenarios to protect you or your property. If you are travelling for business or pleasure and are concerned about your home while you are gone, we can provide you with peace of mind by providing static guarding or mobile patrols to your property during your absence. We can even provide mobile patrols to an entire housing estate for just a few pounds a month, ensuring that you can sleep soundly each night knowing that a trained dog and handler are patrolling your streets. When working on private security, we always maintain a high level of discretion and professionalism to guarantee that your home or business is not disrupted.