Residential Security

QK9 “Residential Security Services” has created a solid reputation by offering a high-quality security that our customers can count on. “No more stressing about your home security while you should be relaxing on vacation – we take care of the security so you can concentrate on living life to the fullest”. Your safety and security are our top priorities.
Whether you’re a property manager, an HOA official, or another community decision-maker, you already know that when it comes to residential security services, your residents want nothing less than the best. After all, one of the main reasons they’re with you is that they want to combat the alarming burglary numbers. And when you join forces with the QK9 “Residential Security Services” you can accomplish precisely that. With fully insured, inexpensive, qualified, and trained security guards, QK9 “Residential Security Services” worldwide home security services are just a phone call away. Whether you manage a single property or several locations, you won’t have to worry about scheduling, logistics, or unexpected absences.
Your community’s and buildings’ entry gates are the gateways. Anyone can freely access and exit your property if it is not supervised. Unknown parties will be kept out of your property by a professionally trained security crew stationed at the entrances and gates, sending the message to those entering that you take security seriously. Duty Officers security guards will make a positive first impression while being the friendly faces that your resident’s value. Our QK9 “Residential Security Services” can check identity, keep visitor lists, unlock and close gates at predetermined times, and help residents and visitors.
QK9 “Residential Security Services” Off Duty Officers employs highly trained domestic security officers that provide a comprehensive range of services, including Foot or vehicle patrols, securing property entrances and exits, maintaining visitor and vendor logs, enforcing property and resident rules and regulations, responding to suspicious activity, managing emergencies, assisting residents and guests, Reporting security events to management and Reviewing security footage.

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