Retail & Commercial Security

QK9 “commercial security” is independent retail and firm that specializes in man guarding and security guarding. We provide a wide range of personal, effective, and bespoke security services. We are a company made up of skilled, driven, and passionate individuals who appreciate collaborating with businesses and individuals who share our values of people, enthusiasm, a bright future, and innovative thinking. We want to meet the highest standards possible. Some of our key criteria’s are World-Class service, Reliability, Professional Attitude & skills, Clear communication, Personal Integrity, Commercial awareness, Healthy Working strategies, Technical expertise and Quality procedures and management.
Although each client is unique, we have dedicated staff that ensure that all of our clients and customers receive the same level of quality and consistency. QK9 “commercial security” has extensive experience in retail and shop environments. We have long-term relationships with a lot of merchants and have provided our services to a wide portfolio of retail buildings.
Because our clients present a difficult position for our guards, we have prepared them to deal with the complexity that these sites entail. The guard must have a welcoming demeanor and connect with the community but must remain attentive and vigilant to danger at all times to protect the personnel and customers. Our security guards have received extensive training in excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Our management is dedicated to providing excellent customer service at a reasonable cost.
QK9 “commercial security” also uses their Guard Patrol Monitoring System to verify that guards are patrolling the high-risk areas in your shop and that the security officer is always on the lookout for threats. Our operations team will plant electronic tags in ‘hot spot’ areas, which will send a report to the control room once they are scanned. This information is provided to you for use in determining where shrinkages are occurring. We believe in offering exceptional customer service as well as the best security service to our clients. We assign a specialized client manager who is solely responsible for guaranteeing the best possible quality of service on-site.

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