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Security Guard Roles & Responsibilities

Security Guard roles and responsibilities in UK

Security Guard Roles & Responsibilities Why Security Guards Matter Security guards have a very responsible job everywhere including in Manchester, Blackburn, Leeds, UK. They look after your property, business, people, and those who visit your place. They do more than that too. This article explores security guards’ roles and responsibilities for society, businesses, and everyone.  […]

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Door Supervisor Jobs in London 2023

guide to Get an SIA licence with criminal record | door supervisor

Door Supervisor Jobs QK9 Door Supervisors: In the ever-evolving landscape of security and customer service excellence, QK9 door supervisors stand tall as the frontline ambassadors of safety and professionalism. Their role transcends the conventional, weaving a tapestry of refined appearances, unwavering dedication to safety, and a commitment to fostering secure and enjoyable environments for patrons. […]

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Why Construction Site Safety Is So Important


Prioritizing safety should be your foremost concern when engaged in construction site activities. This is a unanimous viewpoint among all workers, underscoring the critical importance of construction site safety. The significance of safety on a construction site is underscored by several key reasons. Firstly, the nature of construction work inherently carries various risks and dangers. […]

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