Trained Cadaver Dogs

QK9 “canine security” also offers ‘Cadaver search dogs’ in addition to Patrol dogs. Cadaver dogs are often the missing link that brings closure and justice to grieving families when it comes to resolving the situations of missing or deceased people. Cadaver search dogs can be crucial in the investigation of crimes, assisting authorities in critical situations, and providing victims’ families with the knowledge that their loved ones have been found. We take pride in assisting the police in their courageous efforts to solve crimes at QK9. Cadaver dogs are trained by professional handlers and are extremely adept in their jobs.

We’re passionate about the fantastic work these dogs do for families all around the UK, and we work hard to ensure that all dogs deployed by QK9 Patrol are well-trained. Cadaver dogs are trained and deployed to assist authorities with the gruesome task of recovering bodies. They can pick up on the scent of human remains that have been buried, concealed or submerged in water either as a result of crime or natural disaster.

Except for pig remains (which are used for training) and human remains, cadaver search dogs are trained to ignore all other sorts of food. When a search dog recognises the odour it was taught to detect, it will warn its handler, allowing remains to be recovered. Cadaver canines have received the greatest level of training and are capable of performing the activities listed above with incredible efficiency. Cadaver search canines that have been properly trained at QK9 are extremely effective at what they do. They can explore broad areas quickly with a low percentage of false positives thanks to specialised training programmes. The natural precision of search dogs’ sense of smell allows them to detect human remains buried up to 15 feet deep, making them the most effective search tactic available to the authorities. Cadaver dogs at QK9 “canine security” can distinguish the difference between human and animal remains; therefore, they’ll be able to tell the difference right away. At QK9 “canine security” Cadaver dogs can tell the difference between human remains and animal remain, which means they’ll know right away if the scent they’re picking up is from a person or decomposing wildlife. At QK9 “canine security” Cadaver dogs work tirelessly both in training and in the field. Altogether, they can identify hundreds of different scents related to decomposition, versus the handful of scents a drug- or bomb-sniffing dog might be trained to sniff out. Our training method ensures the highest possible level of accuracy and our cadaver dogs can be relied upon to produce results in high-pressure situations. They would be an asset to any search and rescue team in the police force, coast guard or private detectives.

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    Cadaver dogs at QK9 “canine security” work diligently in the field and training. In comparison to the handful of scents a drug- or bomb-sniffing dog could be trained to sniff out, they can distinguish hundreds of different aromas associated with decomposition. Our training process provides the highest level of precision possible, and our cadaver dogs can be counted on to deliver findings under duress. They’d be a valuable asset to any police, coast guard, or private detective search and rescue squad.