Warden Call

Whether you need to investigate a consumer complaint or, in the worst-case situation, a theft, our remote monitoring solution can help. If there are any intruders or questionable characters, QK9 “professional security” will use Warden Call technology to communicate with you. If necessary, contact emergency services; dispatch a 24-hour response team to deal with urgent issues. For this problem, QK9 “professional security” comes in helpful, offering the finest possible solution at the best possible price. There is no other service that comes close to competing with QK9 Protection.

QK9 “professional security” offers their ultimate Fire and Security Systems, which are experts at designing, installing, and maintaining warden call systems for individual security. This solution is tailored to the needs of each unique consumer. QK9 “professional security” is a one-stop-shop for all of your warden call requirements. Providing you with the ability to be safer. Ultimate Fire & Security Systems can provide a fully integrated Fire Safety System with a warden alarm system to further improve fire safety in commercial and residential buildings. QK9 “professional security” accomplishes this by integrating with current technology, triggering emergency alarms, and having a variety of emergency administrative professionals on hand to respond swiftly and effectively to any call. The QK9 warden call system allows building inhabitants to connect with on-site, remote, or monitoring staff without jeopardizing their safety. At QK9 “professional security” Warden Call systems are designed to suit the needs of a generation that wants to be as self-sufficient as possible while yet having peace of mind knowing that safeguards are in place to offer the amount of care and support, they may require.

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