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Top 10 Rules a Security Guard must Follow

10 rules a security guard must follow



It’s important to remember that you represent your company and the security industry. You must always act with honesty and integrity and maintain the highest level of professionalism.
It is essential to know all the rules and regulations governing your profession. You are expected to uphold several standards, and violating any of them can lead to disciplinary action.

In this blog, Qk9 has put together a list of the 10 essential rules that security guards must follow and achieve. 

1. Honesty and Integrity of Security Guards

As a security guard, you must always maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity. This means that you never lie to your clients or employers and always act with integrity in everything you do.

It’s important to remember that your actions as a security guard reflect not just on you but on the entire profession. So always be honest, be professional, and act with integrity. It’s the right thing to do and will serve you well in the long run.

2. Training of Security Guard

Guards need to be trained appropriately to do their job effectively. This includes learning about the company’s policies and procedures and how to respond to different types of emergencies.

Training should also cover dealing with demanding customers and handling difficult situations. Guards should be taught how to act professionally and maintain a positive attitude even when things get tough.

3. Experience as a Security Guard

A security guard must have prior experience in the security field. Guard is only effective when they know what they are doing.

You should be wary of security guards who do not have any prior experience. They may not know how to deal with a situation properly. And know how to protect yourself and your property; they may not know how to keep you safe.

Security guards should be adequately trained before they are allowed to patrol an area. They should be taught how to handle different situations and de-escalate situations. They should be taught how to protect people and property.

You should always ask about a security guard’s training before hiring them.

4. The vigilance of Security Guards

Vigilance is key for a successful security guard. You must be alert and aware of your surroundings, constantly scanning the area and watching for suspicious activities. Being proactively on the lookout for potential problems is essential to prevent any criminal activity or other dangerous situations, and you must be able to assess the severity of a situation and take necessary action if required.

You must remain vigilant even during tedious tasks, such as patrolling an ample space or monitoring closed-circuit television (CCTV). Although it may seem monotonous sometimes, you must remain vigilant while performing your duties. And don’t forget to take regular breaks—staying alert throughout your shifts is essential.

5. Lead and Follow

Leading and following aren’t just crucial for a security guard; they’re essential. A security guard must be able to think and act quickly. They also need to be able to lead their team as needed, even in emergencies. In addition, they must always be prepared to take orders and follow instructions from their supervisor.

It can often be tricky; it takes careful thought and practice. The security guard needs to know when it’s appropriate to take the lead, when it’s necessary to follow orders, and when the two can combine in certain situations. Knowledge of the situation should always inform the decisions made by the security guard.

These are things that a good security guard needs to possess to do their job successfully. Being able to lead and follow is an essential part of a security guard’s job, so if you’re considering becoming one yourself, ensure you have a good grasp of these skills!

6. Communication of Security Guard

Communication is an integral part of being a security guard. Security guards must effectively communicate with other staff members, other security guards, customers, and the public. They need to understand the protocol and procedure for each situation they are confronted with to maintain a secure environment. Furthermore, they need to be able to communicate clearly when making notes on incident reports or even when dealing with criminal behavior. Security guards must have excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing. Clear communication is essential for a security guard to ensure that every situation is handled correctly.

7. Physical Fitness of Security Guard

The seventh rule for a security guard to follow is physical fitness. Being fit as a security guard is essential to meet the necessary standards. You should also ensure that you maintain an appropriate level of physical fitness to be ready to respond quickly in a difficult situation.

Physical fitness will also help in other aspects of being a security guard, such as climbing stairs and checking high places, chasing after an intruder, or lifting and carrying objects without difficulty. You should also be conscious of your diet and get enough sleep regularly to remain alert during long shifts.

8. The attitude of the Security Guard

Attitude is vital when it comes to security work. As a security guard, you should remain positive and professional. Not only will this make your job easier, but it will also positively affect the people around you.

The attitude of a security guard should be one of respect. You are there to protect and serve, not to judge or chastise people for their actions. Showing respect to everyone you encounter will go a long way in helping to build relationships and trust with those who see you on the job.

Never underestimate the importance of remaining calm in stressful situations. Keeping your head cool can mean the difference between calmly handling a situation and preventing further issues from escalating. This is especially important if you are working in an area with high levels of crime or conflict. Being able to stay calm and assertive can help diffuse potentially explosive situations.

9. High-Profile Security Guard

Take extra precautions if you’re a security guard in a high-profile area. Pay close attention to those around you and ensure the area is secure. Don’t shy away from extra security measures; it may be necessary to keep everyone safe. Be aware of suspicious people or activities, and consistently report them to the authorities immediately. Try to be as discreet as possible when patrolling an area so as not to draw unwanted attention or make people uncomfortable.

The best way to handle a high-profile security detail is to ensure that everyone follows the rules and all safety procedures are followed. Always remain vigilant and do your best to anticipate potential risks and threats before they happen rather than waiting for the situation to get out of control before taking action.

10. Be Always Alert and Focus

The last and most important rule for a security guard is always to remain alert and focused. That means always being aware of your surroundings and potential threats and staying at the top of your game during any shift.

It’s essential to focus on the people you protect and the environment around you—even if it appears safe and secure. If something or someone out of the ordinary happens, then be prepared to act fast. You must also regularly check in with your team members or supervisors to ensure all areas are secure.

Last but not least, don’t forget to take regular breaks throughout your shift to maintain focus and stay alert.


If you’re thinking of becoming a guard or are one already, familiarize yourself with and follow these ten important rules. They’ll help keep you, and everyone around you safe and sound.

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