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QK9 provide highly skilled team ready to assist you with your security services needs in every manner possible. We have received various accreditations, all of which we strictly follow to ensure that we always provide honest and competent service. The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme provides training to every member of our team.
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QK9 Services Limited offers a variety of security services to businesses around the United Kingdom. So, whether you call for Business Security, Construction & Building Site Security, Residential, Commercial, or something else, we’re committed to giving outstanding service every time.

We are contented to be creating new benchmarks in the security business regularly. The benefits of this are already being recognized by our clients in the UK. We are licensed to provide professional and creative security solutions in England and Wales. All canines and handlers, guards, and personnel are trained to the best training standards in the UK, thanks to our strict training requirements. This enables us to appropriately deliver such a broad range of security solutions.

Customers are at the centre of every decision we make, especially when it comes to defending their interests through our security services. We like to conceive of our work with customers as partnerships in which we mutually agree on the most valuable security service. This is the specification that our service is built on.

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QK9 Security Service Control App !

QK9 security providers take the initiative to launch an application based on the “Guard Patrol Monitoring System,” which is a cutting-edge and user-friendly security guard tracking system.

It enables you to:

• Proof of attendance at the site

• Show evidence of patrolling using NFC tags installed around the site

• Send incident reports instantly

• Take and send pictures of incidents

• Raise an automatic alarm in the control room for missed patrols


For more details, please feel free to contact us any time…

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