Car Parking Security

In parking garages and parking lots, QK9 “SIA Security Guard” agents play a key role in preventing and recognising potential threats. Criminals may be hesitant to break into cars, vandalise them, or commit other crimes because of their presence. After a crime has been committed, our guards assist local law enforcement officers in apprehending suspects. Whatever the issue is, we will be there for you in any situation.
At QK9 “SIA Security Guard” parking security services are similar to gate guard services in many ways. They keep track of who uses the parking and whether or not a person is permitted to park there. They also keep an eye out for rule violations. They inspect the parking lot meticulously to guarantee that the rules are being followed. They offer warnings to violators of the parking rules and regulations, as well as reporting any incidents to management. This way, everyone can relax and enjoy their time in the parking lot without having to worry about their cars.
Our clients benefit from the services of the QK9 “SIA Security Guard”. They add an added degree of security by keeping track of who enters and exits the property. Before allowing anyone in, they check credentials or approved access lists. Visitors and vendors can get passes from them. They can inspect departing traffic to prevent property or items from being removed without permission. They can keep track of people’s names, vehicle models, and licence plate numbers.

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