QK9 Security Services uses specially trained dogs alongside security guards for a unique and powerful security solution.

QK9 offers Security Guard Dogs, Dog Handlers, Construction Site security, Car Parking Security, Event Security, Mobile Patrol Security & Uniformed Security Guards – all with the added power of K9 teams.

QK9 Security Services dogs are well-trained and professional. They deter crime with their presence and keen senses, not aggression

If you need extra security, like for construction sites or events, QK9 could be perfect!

Visit QK9’s website (http://qk9services.co.uk/) to see their services, dog photos, and get a quote

While QK9 doesn’t reveal specific breeds, they likely use smart, trainable dogs with strong protective instincts. Think German Shepherds or Dobermans!

Prices depend on your needs. Factors like service duration, teams needed, and location all play a role. Contact QK9 for a personalized quote!