DOG Han gate-House

QK9 “canine security” as a security company, consider both their canine and human clients when providing security. As a result, our canines play an important role in police work, such as searching for lost victims, whether they’ve been kidnapped or have gone missing. Dogs can be trained to find living victims as well as the remains of deceased humans in search and rescue situations. After a terrible explosion, earthquake, or other tragedy, they can search through the ruins. They can search miles of woodland for a missing hiker or someone buried after an avalanche, and they can even find the bodies of drowned victims underwater in oceans and lakes. Although human searchers play a crucial role that cannot be replaced, search and rescue dogs can do tasks with unparalleled precision, which is why QK9 prioritises their dog’s safety and security.

The dog doors’ flaps provide your dog easy access to the inside or outside while also creating a seal to keep vermin and heat or cold air out. Regardless of your home’s design, QK9 “canine security” offers a variety of dog door installation kits that include insulation, weather-stripping, and adhesives for French doors, sliding glass doors, and even in walls, allowing you to place them wherever you need them even inside your home. QK9 “canine security” also offers various types of alarms that can be added to your automatic gate systems, such as a silent alarm that sends a notification to your Smartphone or computer if a security breach occurs, or a warning siren that can be used to deter your pet if they try to break through or climb over your gate. We offer services to keep your protection dogs secure indoors and out, upstairs and downstairs, with specially built doggy doors and gates. We provide security by providing a hangout and sleeping place for our security dogs to work effectively.

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