Uniformed Security Guard

Security guards and security dog handlers are provided by QK9 “uniformed security guards” to clients throughout the area. We have a plethora of experience in numerous areas within our security management team, and we can build a security solution to practically any client requirement. We can assist you to find a security guard for construction security, as well as a fully verified and DBS-checked guard for sheltered housing or a high-value retail setting. QK9 “uniformed security guards” are all SIA-licensed professionals with extensive training. They’ve worked in a variety of circumstances and environments providing security guard support and static manned guarding. Because each assignment is tailored to our customers’ needs, our security guards will always carry out their responsibilities by their explicit instructions.

A security guard can be provided by anyone. We take pleasure in pairing each task with the best security guard for the job at QK9 Protection. QK9 Protection takes pride in assigning each duty to the most appropriate security personnel. Our full-time security professionals, in addition to being highly trained and motivated, provide a level of protection that is second to none, even though digital surveillance systems provide appropriate security for many sites. Our security teams’ communication and safety are ensured by a real-time electronic monitoring system.

QK9 uniform security guards can be deployed to any situation including Events & Festivals, Retail, Car Parks, Industrial sites/business Estates, Factories/Warehouses/Offices, Construction Sites, Residential Properties, Static Manned Guarding posts, Vacant Properties and Transport Services.
QK9 uniformed security guards are all of the finest calibres and can adapt to each company’s unique needs. Our security guards follow the company’s dress code, which is as follows:
• Black Business Suit
• QK9 Security shirt
• QK9 Security tie
• Professional identification
• High-Vis jackets
This helps them remain recognisable and ensures they conform to our rules and professionalism. At QK9 uniform security guard, we’ll recommend the best security solution for you once we discuss and examine your specific needs, whether it’s alone static guard or a dog handler/security dog team.

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