About our Company

Qk9 Services Limited is a leading provider of high-quality security services. Our company takes immense pride in providing exceptional detection dog services in various environments, including public events, vacant sites, construction sites, residential street patrols, public sectors, and local authorities.

Our company successfully provides the best possible security services all over the UK. This is the result of the indomitable efforts of our dedicated team members.  They are working day and night shifts to satisfy the needs of our valued customers. They interact with clients individually to understand their requirements in the first place. After knowing their concerns, they became able to provide them with the best possible security solutions which they are looking for.

Our expertly trained dogs possess an exceptional ability to detect a wide range of items. Moreover, our dog handlers have undergone top-tier training, ensuring our clients receive nothing short of the finest security services available. We are striving to go above and beyond to exceed our client’s expectations, making their safety and satisfaction our utmost priority. Besides that, QK9 Service Limited believes in delivering excellence through its professional expertise, cutting-edge techniques, and relentless commitment to the highest standards.

Our security officers can work day shifts, night shifts, weekends, and public holidays so to keep them happy we plan their schedules to give them quality time away from the workplace. This means that when they return, they are fresh and focused.

Company Values

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    Our Team

    We have Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders, but the team member you are most likely to see daily is our Security Officers. These are the people that are the engine of our company, they keep us moving forward. So, it’s only fair that we keep them motivated and fully trained for the job.

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    Our Ethics

    We believe in work ethics equally as in achieving our targets. Therefore, by clearly depicting policy guidelines, ethics help us create an environment of trust and respect. Moreover, we strive to reduce our carbon footprints as much as possible. We also try to consume less paper as well as energy to make our company environmentally friendly too.

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    Our Goals

    We are determined to provide the best possible services by integrating new technology to satisfy the needs of our customers. Further, we look forward to being recognized as a fair and transparent company by our customers and workforce. We strive to provide accurate information to our customers to gain their trust and confidence in our services.

Our Team

Qk9 Services Recognized And Rewarded for Quality, Safety And Professionalism

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The National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) promotes security dog welfare, standards, training, and education and provides assistance and direction to its members and end users.
The Security Business Authority (S.I.A.), Skills for Security, BSIA, IPSA, the Home Office, ACPO, MOD, DEFRA, BSI, and Animal Welfare Groups. Such as Local Authority Dog Wardens all recognize NASDU in the security industry. Qk9 Security is certified by NASDU. Members of NASDU are kept informed about the industry and related topics. As well as British Standards, Codes of Practice, and training resources. FRG’s membership attests to its professional, well-trained, and first-class service. QK9 Security Ltd is a NASDU associate company member. For more information visit www.nasdu.co.uk


QK9 Services Ltd has approved the company with ISOQAR Certification for providing security guarding and security dogs. ISOQAR Approved Companies are audited regularly by Alcumus ISOQAR. To ensure that the company is maintaining its system to the required standards. ISOQAR-approved companies are forward-thinking in their usage of Quality Management Systems. And have the necessary standards and expertise to drive continuous improvement in performance, efficiency, and customer service.
Alcumus assists businesses of all sizes in anticipating, managing, and avoid hazards that jeopardize their employees, operations, and the environment. Across industries, geographies, and contractor and supplier networks, they provide an integrated approach to managing Health, Safety, and ESG. They contribute to the continued success of over 45,000 customers worldwide by providing operational resilience, control, and analytics.
For more information visit www.acclaimed-security.com


Construction Line is the UK’s most connected and progressive procurement and supply chain management services provider. Making contracting easier and enabling their customers to achieve more. They put compliance first in all they do, whether understanding new norms and rules or updating their systems to allow buyers to search using a larger range of parameters. Their long-serving specialists – and their platform – stay on top of changing regulations.
The construction line industry plays an essential role in sustaining local economies. And many businesses want to engage with local suppliers to help the communities where they do business. All of the vendors on their platform are subjected to verification procedures. Ensuring that procurement teams are dealing with licensed and accredited partners. As a result of the Construction line platform, local suppliers have access to a far greater selection of projects in their area.
For more information visit www.constructionline.co.uk

safe contractor

Safe Contractor is a well-known SSIP-accredited health and safety contractor competency assessment that serves as a benchmark against which contractors’ health and safety arrangements and provisions are evaluated.
For more information visit

information commissioner's office (ico)

The UK’s independent authority is set up to safeguard information rights in the public interest. Encouraging openness by public entities and data privacy for people. As ICO managed the implementation of two Data Protection Acts, the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations. They assisted businesses of all sizes and sectors.
ICO received over 16,000 data protection complaints, 5,000 freedom of information complaints, and over 200,000 calls to their helpline in 2017-18. In addition, they received 400,000 additional fee-payer registrations.
Although a lot has changed since they first started, their mission of protecting information rights in the public interest has not altered.
For more information visit www.ico.org.uk


Certificates are a great way to show how much you’ve accomplished in your career or personal life. They’re a huge accomplishment and deserve recognition!

Qk9 services are now certified with CQMS (previously Crown Quality Management Services), a health and safety consultancy established in 1994 based in Grantham, Lincolnshire, covering the whole of the UK.

For more information visit https://cqms-ltd.co.uk/

Enough About Us, Let’s Talk About You!

You will want us to be very accessible so that you can contact us whenever you want to discuss your concerns. There will be times when your requirements might change at short notice or you might just need some advice, this is no problem for us as we pride ourselves on being accessible. Our job is to provide you with peace of mind.

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