QK9 Security Services in Manchester UK

We are specialists in providing trained Security Dogs and Handlers in the UK. Criminals Will Be Dissuaded From Targeting Your Property by Our Well-Trained Security team.

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About Us

QK9 provides a highly skilled team ready to assist you with your security services needs in every manner possible.
We have received various accreditations, which we strictly follow to ensure we always provide honest and competent service.
The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme provides training to every member of our team.

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QK9 Security Control App

QK9 security providers take the initiative to launch an application based on the “Guard Patrol Monitoring System,” which is a cutting-edge and user-friendly security guard tracking system.

Proof of attendance at the site, show evidence of patrolling using NFC tags around the site, send incident reports instantly, take and send pictures of incidents, and raise an automatic alarm in the control room for missed patrols.

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Industries We Serve

QK9 Services Limited offers a variety of security services to businesses around the United Kingdom. So, whether you call for Business Security, Construction & Building Site Security, Residential, Commercial, or something else, we're committed to giving outstanding service every time.

Our Testimonials

We are very proud of the security service we provide and stand by every service we carry. Read our reviews from our happy customers.

Life at QK9 Services

Our security officers can work day shifts, night shifts, weekends, and public holidays so to keep them happy.
we plan their schedules to give them quality time away from the workplace.
This means that when they return, they are fresh and focused.

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