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Armed Vs UnArmed Security- What you need to know

Armed Vs Un Armed Security guards are a recognizable force within society. They are almost everywhere to protect and defend at a mall, outside a hospital, in a jewelry store, or at some other location. They focus on safeguarding property, products, or human beings from threats. When safety and protection are necessary, people turn to security guards.

You should hire security guards if you need assurance and extra safety for yourself, your business, or your family. Armed Vs Un Armed Security guards can supply protective services, but which is the right choice for your needs? You should consider the difference between Armed Vs Un Armed Security guards before deciding.
A top priority for anyone running a business is the security of the building and its employees. It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make, and it can vary depending on what kind of needs or challenges your company is facing.

Statistics show that having security guards or officers at your place of business prevents crime and gives you a sense of security, knowing that more individuals are monitoring your valuables.

If you’re deciding between Armed Vs Un Armed Security guards and what kind of security is best for you, keep reading as we clarify what to consider.

What is Armed Security?

Security officers trained to use a firearm responsibly are known as armed security guards.

Armed security is provided by one or more qualified guards who have undergone safe weapon handling and carrying training. They provide defense and protection tailored to your needs and can use lethal force when necessary.

They offer more direct protection because you see these guards in more critical circumstances. These guards are prepared to use force if needed because they have received the necessary training.

Businesses like banks, watches, jewelry stores, or those that handle money need more protection than other businesses since they have assets with significant dollar worth.

Due to the risks connected with the abovementioned assets, crime is more likely to be attracted if there is a feeling of vulnerability.

The answer is a clear yes if you’re unsure if you can hire armed protection.

Security is a deterrent against criminals and dangers, but an armed threat is arguably the biggest of them all. Criminals typically hesitate before putting their lives in danger when the results could result in death.

What is Unarmed Security?

An unarmed security professional is in charge of keeping your building, staff, and assets secure while keeping a close check on them because they cannot carry a weapon.

Unarmed security does not deploy high-impact weapons, but you may see some carrying batons or pepper spray if they need to use them in unavoidable circumstances.

An unarmed security guard service is necessary when crime rates are lower or less severe. They’re a wise decision for many business owners.

Armed Vs Un Armed Security

The primary difference between an Armed Vs un armed security guard is that the second does not own a weapon.

Other prominent weapons, such as non-lethal batons or pepper spray, can be available. You might occasionally witness unarmed security with a Taser. Contract security is usually found in areas with lower threat activity.

Armed Security’s
most common examples are:

  • Commercial Buildings 
  • Residential Buildings
  • Hotels 
  • Retail Establishment 
  • Construction Sites 
  • Demolishing Buildings
  • Schools & More.

Armed guards will carry a gun and undergo extensive training to meet the role’s demands. There will be armed security where crime is much more likely to occur.

Some of the most common locations are: 

  • Hospitals 
  • Banks
  • Airports 
  • Governmental Facilities 
  • Museums 
  • Courthouses 
  • Jewelry Shops & More

Choosing the Right Type of Security for your Business

Which security measure fits your needs best? Hiring an armed security guard and unintentionally scaring off consumers is the last thing you want to do. Also, you want to ensure that unarmed guards will adequately protect your particular circumstance from harm and deterred from criminal activity. Any security guard can protect you, but certain situations and settings need one over the other. Which would better suit your demands when choosing between Armed Vs Un Armed Security officers?

You should strongly consider hiring armed security guards if your business falls within one of the higher-risk groups outlined above or if you are more likely than most to be the target of criminal activity.

When to Use Armed Security Services

You should strongly consider hiring armed security guards if your business falls within one of the higher-risk groups outlined above or if you are more likely than most to be the target of criminal activity.

Consider hiring an armed guard if your business,

To decide whether to use armed protection services, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you located in a violent active area? It could be wiser to hire an armed guard if you live in a high-crime region. They could deter criminals who might otherwise try their luck with an unarmed guard.
  • Do you market precious items? If you sell goods that are attractive targets for criminals, you might prefer the extra security that armed guards can offer.
  • Are you operating on private property? Even in your store, you may not be able to have armed guards in some public areas, such as malls.
  • Will your guard be visible to the client? You might be concerned about unintentionally deterring consumers rather than criminals. Can you hide the position of your armed security personnel?
  • Are you aiming for deterrence? Armed security personnel may be the best solution to protect you, your loved ones, your coworkers, or your clients from harm.
  • Do you require them nonstop? After you close for the day, utilize armed security to secure your valuables.

After getting to know the answers, consider hiring an armed guard if your business:

  • Possesses expensive items, such as jewels or artwork
  • Manages a large amount of money
  • Organizes significant gatherings, such as fights or sporting events, where audiences have a history of being unruly
  • It is located in an area with a high crime rate.
  • Your business accommodates many people, such as hotels, apartment buildings, or residential care.

Employees tend to perform better when working in secure buildings or facilities because they know that a professional will safeguard them if an issue gets out of hand.

When to Use Unarmed Security Services

Although armed security guards provide a high deterrent level, unarmed guards are occasionally a better option. Think about these things.

  • What is your budget? It might be costly to hire armed security. You may get the necessary protection from unarmed guards for a reasonable price.
  • Is there a police presence close by? Your unarmed guards can reach out to the appropriate authorities at any time. Unarmed guards can be adequate for your needs if police can react to a call promptly.
  • How will your clients perceive you? Armed security guards might frighten your devoted consumers. Unarmed security officers can safeguard your clients while maintaining their comfort.
  • How high or low of a risk are you? Unarmed guards might be a preferable alternative if you or your business is in a more secure location.
  • What is the scope of your insurance? Due to the increased risk posed by having armed guards, several insurance policies do not permit them. On the other hand, insurance policies frequently permit unarmed guards.

Choose an unarmed guard if you believe there is a low risk to your business but would still like security to be there.

Some companies are confused about the best course of action since they are worried about vandalism or threats at their location. Our security professionals strongly suggest an unarmed security service to deal with the problems in these circumstances.

Which Will You Choose, Armed vs Unarmed Security?

Considering the above guidance, you can determine precisely what guard your company needs. We would be pleased to assist if you are still unsure. Please get in touch with us here, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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