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Guide for Hiring a Professional Dog Handler


There are many people who have a strong affection for their pets in general and dogs in particular. Therefore, dog handlers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of their pets. Only a professional handler knows how to provide the best handling of a dog. Not only this, they train your dog to make it the best companion for you. Hence, it is essential to check the criteria of a professional handler during their hiring.

Who is a Professional Dog Handler?

A professional dog handler is one who is skilled and qualified to train the dog in a safe and compassionate manner. They go through special training that enables them to understand all about dogs, including nutrition and their social behavior. They observe their canines keenly to understand their subtle behavior. Any negligence in their behavioral understanding can be detrimental to the overall functioning of the working dogs.

Moreover, they are often employed by law enforcement agencies. They helped them at large in the investigation to protect the safety of people. Most of the canines are more aggressive and are not easy to control. Therefore, dog handlers play a crucial role in controlling their anger. They employ different tactics to interpret their social behavior. 

Firstly, a professional dog handler examines the behavior of a canine. This enables him to understand their subtle behavior, including anger and anxiety. He uses different tactics for different canines to socialize them. They involve their canines in different physical activities to refine their social behavior.

Most of the handlers are pet owners too which helps them assess their anger issues. They also facilitate the development of an amazing bond between a dog owner and their cherished dogs. For all these reasons, it is essential that a dog handler be knowledgeable to ensure the overall well-being of the canines.

Requirements For Hiring a Professional Dog Handler

A professional dog handler does not require a particular degree, yet possesses special certifications that enhance their credibility. Therefore, they must possess the following documents;

He must be level 2 NTIPDU qualified or equivalent

  •  SIA license and public liability insurance
  • Well-behaved working dogs

Look for Credentials and Experience

Dog handling is quite challenging. Therefore, experience and credits are vitally important to understand the complexities of the job of dog handling. Therefore, it must be ensured during the hiring of a dog handler that they possess a record of providing the best dog care services. There are particular certifications that facilitate the dog handler to interpret the subtle behavior of the dogs during their training sessions. They must acquire the essential documents to excel in their field.

Make Sure the Dog Handler is Insured and Licensed

Insurance and liability policies are essential for a dog handler to excel in dog handling. Therefore, they must possess a license before starting their career as dog handlers. The UK government provides various insurance policies that help them during an accident or injury. Their dogs suffer severe injuries during training sessions that ultimately cost huge monetary losses, for the dog owner. To avoid such loss they avail of public liability insurance to cover their dog expenses. 

Look for Training in Dog Behavior and Handling Techniques

Professional dog handlers ought to be familiar with new methods of dog handling, including social training, operant conditioning, and positive reinforcement. Always search for a  professional who knows the recent trends in managing and controlling dog behavior. They can interpret their behavior by observing their body language. Their intellect and experience help them control the subtle behavior of canines.  

Therefore, It is imperative to ensure your handler is skilled and qualified. Because they are the assets of business owners that are protecting their businesses and buildings. Moreover, they also collaborate with law enforcement agencies to prevent crimes and ensure public safety at large. 

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