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Security Guard Positions in the UK with Visa Sponsorship Available for 2024 (£10.00-£20.00 per Hour)

Security Guard Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024:

The security industry is vitally important in the unstable world we live in. This has become a centre of attraction for people around the world in terms of their protection. There are various security guard positions available in the UK due to the burgeoning rise of security threats.  Many people have strong affection for their dogs. Therefore, there is a significant rise in security-related employment. Security services are aimed at protecting people, and buildings, including warehouses, construction sites, parking lots, and malls. These services are provided by various security companies. Similarly, QK9 Services Limited is one of the leading companies that is committed to delivering unparalleled security services to our valued customers.

What is the Importance of Security jobs?

Security personnel are essential to the protection of people, homes, companies, organizations, and institutions. They keep the area safe and orderly and protect buildings, expensive goods, and other property against damage from fire, theft, and other calamities. Certain security guards are armed, and their areas of expertise include crowd management, fire safety, and access. Different companies hire them for property protection, or they function as a unit to manage challenging circumstances. Additionally, they could work for private security firms or governmental organizations. To enforce safety and handle crises, these experts use fast thinking.

Types of security guards positions in the UK

Types of security guards positions in the UK

If you are a foreigner and seeking work in the UK, security guarding is one of the options you might consider. The security industry is vitally important to deter security risks. Therefore, security guards are of paramount importance for security companies to curb all the illicit activities around them. There are different types of security officers, which are as follows:

Static guard

Static guards are one of the most popular kinds of security guard jobs. Usually, they patrol a designated area, ensuring all safety rules are being observed. Moreover, they also respond to any alerts or disturbances that fall under their purview.

Armed guards

The armed guard is another kind of security guard position; they are in charge of securing high-risk areas such as government buildings and banks. They frequently carry guns that they could use in hazardous circumstances.


Detectives must keep an eye on possible threats. They may be asked to look into any questionable behaviour or serve as a liaison between an organization and the police. Private businesses or law enforcement authorities usually employ them. Therefore, they are vitally important to ensure the safety of people and assets.

Retail guards 

Retail security professionals provide their all to protect your company, staff, and clients. Every security officer goes through a thorough evaluation process to ensure they have the character traits and abilities needed for the position. They also receive extensive training in a variety of areas, such as risk management, de-escalation, and first aid, to deter any possible threats.

What are the duties of a security officer?

Security officers, whether dog handlers or vanguards, patrol the premises to safeguard people and property. They frequently supervise security for a particular facility or location during their shifts. Moreover, they resolve issues about illegal activities, safety concerns, unwelcome visitors, or other similar disturbances. They also cooperate with authorities to curb all the illegal activities. Their duties include;

  • Ensuring identity verification and prohibiting unauthorized access
  • Prohibiting unauthor
  • Keeping checks on all the strange activities around
  • Conducting regular inspections of specific areas
  • Reporting all the incidents to law enforcement agencies and ensuring security compliance
  • Preventing all illicit activities

It’s crucial to have all the information you need before starting your career, particularly salaries. Therefore, when you are seeking jobs in the UK in 2024, security guarding is one of the options to consider. Security guards in the UK can expect to make an average pay of £12-14 per hour, or approximately £21,000- 28,000 annually. These guards are frequently the first to respond to physical threats.


In a nutshell, security guards are necessary for almost every type of job, including offices and industrial complexes. By adhering to the proper safety protocols, security guards safeguard people, structures, and property in a range of settings. Therefore, they are significantly important for the security industry.

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