Security Guard Roles & Responsibilities

Security Guard Roles & Responsibilities

Why Security Guards Matter Security guards have a very responsible job everywhere including in Manchester, Blackburn, Leeds, UK. They look after your property, business, people, and those who visit your place. They do more than that too. This article explores security guards’ roles and responsibilities for society, businesses, and everyone. 

What Makes a Good Security Officer

A good security officer has certain qualities and responsibilities. They should be sharp and quick when things go wrong. They stay cool under pressure, talk nicely, work alone if needed, and can handle different work hours.

Roles and Responsibilities of Security Guards

Security guards have many roles and responsibilities including mobile patrolling, static security, public safety, and business site protection. They keep watch and report any strange stuff they see to the police and site owners. They also patrol areas and inspect for security issues before reporting them to the owners and police officers. 

  1. Observation and Reporting:

    • Security guards watch closely and write down anything unusual.
    • They walk around and check for safety issues in the public apartments.
    • If something bad happens, they remember what they saw to help in emergencies.
  2. Visibility:

    • Being seen as a security officer on duty can stop trouble.
    • When they’re patrolling in public areas and apartments, it makes people feel more safer.
  3. Order Maintenance:

    • Security guards make sure everyone follows the rules.
    • If there’s an emergency, they keep it under control until police arrive at the location.
  4. Guest Assistance:

    • Some guards help guests at entrances.
    • They are useful in giving directions and information to the public.
    • They balance this with watching for threats.
  5. Property Protection:

    • The guards protect property using their senses.
    • They might check people’s bags and investigate harmful things.
  6. Enforcing Safety Measures:

    • In emergencies, security guards make sure everyone follows safety rules.

Rules for Security Guards

Security guards should act like professionals at all times. They need to be polite to everyone, even when they’re rude and not working. They use kind and simple words and don’t get aggressive or use bad language. This helps them keep a good reputation in the society.

  1. Handling Tough Situations: In difficult situations, security officers must stay calm, control, and report to the right person. They know their surroundings and the people. Talking firmly but respectfully solves problems without violence. Being professional is important, even when things are stressful.
  2. Safety and Emergency Plans: The guards know what to do in emergencies. They help people during fires even when they’re hurt. They call the police to handle intruders or suspicious people. Knowing their workplace well helps them find safe exits. 
  3. Additional Security Officer Tasks: Sometimes, security guards do more than their main job description. They help with tasks like being a go-between for public safety persons and VIPs. They can also answer phones and take messages for any relevant instruction.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What should a security guard not do in the UK?

    Ans: Security guards should never sleep on duty, leave their post until another officer is on the site, or ignore phone calls during duty time. They should also never do anything illegal, use too much force, or take bribes.
  2. Can a security officer follow you?

    Ans: Usually, security officers can’t follow you unless they think you’re doing something illegal or dangerous. If you’re worried, you can ask to see their SIA ID or talk to the management.
  3. Can security guards search your bags?

    Ans: Apart from other responsibilities, security officers can search your bags only if they have a search warrant. There might be exceptions in some cases.
  4. Can a security officer ask to see your receipt?

    Ans: Most of the time, security guards can’t ask to see your receipt unless they think you’re stealing. But some stores might have different rules.


Security guards are the first line of defense for safety in every corner of the world including premium locations like Manchester, Blackburn, and London, UK. To do their job right, they follow all the rules and responsibilities mentioned here, including their main tasks and any extra work they might have.

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