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Top Dog Breeds with Strongest Bite Force


Dogs are known for their strong jaws and sharp teeth, which makes them ideal for hunting, protection, and training, which is the amount of pressure a dog can exert with its jaws. Understanding a dog’s bite force can be helpful, including helping you choose the right dog for a specific task. And knowing how to train and handle your dog. Some dog breeds have a Strongest Bite Force that is much stronger than others. In this article, we’ll look at the dogs with the Strongest Bite Force and the most vital Strongest Bite Force.

Why this is an essential trait for these dogs, and what it means for owners of these breeds. This article will explore the top dogs with the Strongest Bite Force and how to measure it. We will also discuss the impact of a Strongest Bite Force on a dog’s life and why it’s essential to understand.

Dogs with Strongest Bite Force: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

The bite force is the amount of force a dog can generate with its bite. Scientists measure it in pounds per square inch (psi), and the average bite force for a domestic dog is around 230 psi. However, some breeds of dogs are capable of much stronger Bite Force.

The bite power of a dog is an essential trait for several reasons. For some breeds, a Strongest Bite Force is a necessary tool for hunting or protection. For example, the Kangal breed is used as a guard dog in its native Turkey. And needs a strong bite force to deter intruders and protect its owners and livestock.

In addition to protection and hunting, a strong bite force can be a valuable tool in search and rescue and law enforcement. For example, the German Shepherd and the Belgian Malinois breeds are commonly used in police and military work. They need to control and subdue suspects without causing severe injury.

Top 8 Dogs with the Strongest Bite Force and How to Measure It

While all dogs have strong jaws and sharp teeth, some breeds have a bite force that is significantly stronger than others.

1. Kangal (Turkey) – 743 psi

kangal | dogs with strongest bite force bite force

Kangal is a large breed of dog that originates from Turkey. They were initially bred for guarding livestock, and their strong bite force makes them excellent at this task. Kangal dogs have a bite force of 743 PSI, which is considered one of the most substantial dog breeds.

2. Cane Corso – 700 psi

Cane Corso, dog with psi 720 bite force

Another dog breed known for its strong bite force is Cane Corso. This breed was initially bred in Italy for hunting and guarding. Cane Corso has a bite force of 700 PSI. These dogs are also commonly used as protection dogs and are known for their loyalty and obedience.

3. Doberman Pinchser – 600 psi

Doberman Pinchser with psi 600 bite force

A breed of dog originally bred in Germany for protection is Doberman. They have a bite force of 600 PSI, making them one of the top dogs with the most vital bite force. Doberman dogs are also known for their intelligence and trainability. Their intelligence and trainability make them popular for police and military work.

4. Rottweiler – 328 psi

Rottweiler dogs bite force

Rottweiler is a dog originally bred in Germany for herding and guarding livestock. They have a bite force of 328 PSI, making them one of the top dogs. Rottweiler dogs are also known for their loyalty and obedience. Their loyalty and obedience make them famous for their protection and security work.

5. Tosa Inu – 317 psi

Tosa Inu, 317 psi

Tosa Inu is a breed of dog that originates from Japan. They were initially bred for dog fighting, and their strong bite force of 556 PSI makes them formidable opponents. Tosa Inu dogs are now banned from dog fighting in many countries. But they are still considered one of the top dogs with the most potent bite force.

6. German Shepherd – 238 psi

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world with 238 psi bite force and are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and trainability. Although German Shepherd doesn’t have the strongest bite force of any breed. 

How to Measure dogs with the strongest bite force

Measuring a dog’s bite force requires specific equipment and a step-by-step process. The following is a guide on how to measure it:

Equipment Needed

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Secure the bite force meter in a stable position.
  2. Encourage your dog to bite the meter using treats or toys.
  3. Record the reading on the meter, giving you the PSI measurement of your dog’s bite force.

Safety Precautions

  1. Always supervise your dog while they are biting the meter to prevent injury.
  2. Make sure the meter is securely in place to avoid any accidents.
  3. Never force your dog to bite the meter.

The bite force of a dog can have a significant impact on its life and behavior. Here are some ways that bite force can affect a dog:

  1. Training

    Dogs with solid bite forces may require more specialized training and socialization, as they must learn to control and use their bite appropriately. 

  2. Health and Safety

    A dog with a strong bite force can cause serious injury to humans and other animals, so owners need to be cautious when handling these breeds. In addition, dogs with solid bite forces may be more likely to suffer from dental problems. Such as broken teeth or jaw injuries, owners must provide regular dental care for these breeds.

  3. Behavioral Issues

    Dogs with solid bite forces may be more likely to exhibit behavioral problems, such as aggression, biting, or territorial behavior.

  4. Suitability as Pets

    Not all dogs with strong bite forces are suitable as pets. Some breeds are primarily used for protection and may not be suitable for families with young children, such as the Kangal. When selecting a pet, owners need to consider the breed’s suitability for their lifestyle and family.

In conclusion, a dog’s bite force can significantly impact its life and behavior. Owners of breeds with it need to be aware of these factors and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their pets. These breeds can make loving and loyal companions with proper training and socialization. And their powerful bite can be a valuable tool in search and rescue, law enforcement, and protection. When considering getting a dog, it’s essential to research the breed and understand its personality, behavior, and potential risks.


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