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How Many Bodyguards Does Cristiano Ronaldo Have? A Look at CR7’s Security Detail

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Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese football legend, is not just a name in sports, he’s a global brand. With such immense fame comes the need for top-notch security. But how many bodyguards does Ronaldo have?

While the exact number isn’t publicly disclosed for security reasons, it’s widely reported that Ronaldo relies on a team of trusted individuals to ensure his safety. Here’s what we know:

Twin Bodyguards – Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro:

In 2021, news outlets like The Financial Express [invalid URL removed] reported that Ronaldo had hired twin brothers, Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro, as part of his security detail. These former Portuguese Armed Forces personnel are known for their experience and discretion.

More Than Just Two?

While Sergio and Jorge are the most frequently mentioned bodyguards, Ronaldo likely has a larger security team. High-profile celebrities often have a rotating detail that may include drivers, close protection officers, and security personnel for their families.

A Life of Luxury and Security:

Newspapers and social media posts sometimes capture glimpses of Ronaldo’s security detail. YouTube videos like Cristiano Ronaldo Personal Bodyguards Following Him Everywhere (note: this is a Rick Astley meme video, not a real source) show the bodyguards accompanying Ronaldo in public, often driving luxury vehicles.

The Importance of Security:

For celebrities like Ronaldo, a robust security detail is essential. It protects them from unwanted attention, potential threats, and intrusive behavior. This allows them to maintain a sense of normalcy in their personal lives.

Remaining Discreet:

The exact details of Ronaldo’s security setup are kept confidential, highlighting the importance of discretion in this profession.

In Conclusion:

While the exact number remains undisclosed, Cristiano Ronaldo undeniably has a team of highly trained security personnel ensuring his safety and well-being. This allows him to focus on his career and personal life without undue worry.


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